Friday, October 8, 2010

Keeping the Blog Alive

So I read something recently that said to keep your blog alive you should post at least once every two weeks.




What's going on around here? Well, we spent the second week of September at the beach with my aunt and uncle. We stayed on the island of Ocracoke, which among other things, is fun to say.

Four days after we got back from the beach, my mom came out to help us celebrate Ethan's 3rd birthday. My first born is THREE!

While she was here we went to the Virginia State Fair and had a grand time. My boy, who doesn't like going down the "big slide" on the playground loved going on all the kiddie rides, even the roller coaster.

So now we are back from the beach and Grandma has gone home so we are settling back into regular life. It's never boring around here, though. My main activity over the next few weeks is to get into the habit of doing a teeny bit of pre-school using Sherry Early's book Picture Book Pre-School. It seems just about the right speed for us since Ethan is just three and already loves books and stories. I am getting excited because he is starting to sit and listen to longer stories that don't have a lot of pictures (like Winnie-the-Pooh stories), so I'm hoping we can start a family read aloud of The Chronicles of Narnia soon and he might actually enjoy it.