Friday, January 31, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday

Well, the blog has been in hiatus for awhile, but I thought a good way to get back into it would be 7 Quick Takes Friday.  I'd like to start writing weekly again just to exercise my brain.

1.  This week has been really overall strange.  Monday and Tuesday were both days off of school for my oldest (term break), and Tuesday night into Wednesday we got a foot of snow, so he's been out of school all week, and hubby has been off work too.  It feels like vacation, and it's starting to go to my head and make me really lazy.  I always think that I will get more done if Steve is home, but I always get into weekend mode so I actually do less.  Not good for a whole week.

2.  The upside of a snow week is of course, the snow!  My kids stay outside for hours digging, playing, sliding, freezing and throwing snowballs.  You'd think this would lead to even further productivity on my part while I'm inside with only the baby, but nope.  It makes me think I need to soak up all the time that they are out because it gets busy when they are in.

What kind of busy?  Snow laundry busy.

3.  So why is it a whole three days off for just a foot of snow?  Well here in Virginia Beach, they don't plow in the neighborhoods at all and even more traveled roads can be dicey.  So, you can get around if you have to, but it's treacherous and therefore everyone just cancels things and decides to stay home.  I find it hard to believe that over the course of three days they couldn't get one or two plows out to go around everywhere (and by everywhere, I mean my cul-de-sac and surrounding routes in and out of my neighborhood), but I'm no mayor so what do I know?

4.  We are starting to gear up for our Big Move across the country next year.  We will be in California again after a long time away.  I am praying that the Navy doesn't do too much switcher-rooing on us between now and when we are supposed to leave, because we are planning a big road trip, including Yellowstone, and apparently Yellowstone is worse than Disney World when it comes to making reservations.  Who knew?

5.  The baby pictured in my last blog post?  He just turned the big 1 last week.  I can't believe it!  He is such a peanut for his age that he seems to be more of a baby than his brothers ever were at 1.  I think it's just because he's 4 years younger than his closest brother, though.  We had a great time eating tacos and singing happy birthday in his honor with some great friends.

6.  Speaking of the third kid, it has amazed me how much he picks up just by being around the family.  He's only one, but when someone says, "let's pray," he clasps his little chubby fingers together because that's what we do.  When he hears someone tromping up the stairs at high speed, he gets so excited because he knows it's one of his brothers.  He got a ball machine thingy for Christmas and Matthew (middle child) spent 15 minutes teaching him how to put the balls down the chute and I didn't have to lift a finger.  So for anyone who says that kids in families with lots of siblings don't get enough attention, I say pshaw.  I only have three kids and Silas gets more attention than both of the others did combined.

7.  And, speaking of our big move a couple points up, it looks like I'm going to be homeschooling the older boys next year.  I've really planned out a lot already, and as long as the kids don't get in the way I think it will go swimmingly!