Thursday, March 24, 2011


From this:

To this:

Two years is all it takes, folks.
Happy birthday to my sweet Matty-Moo!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stolen Moments

Oh what to do with my second-born child?  Adventurous and always pushing boundaries, he's much more inquisitive and care-free than his brother, and he's never known a time when mom hasn't been busy with two children, so he's able to get away with much of his inquisitiveness, often until it is too late and I am the one who has trouble.

Lazy Friday

Today we went to CVS to pick up a few St. Patrick's Day essentials (you know, silly hats and beads and what not), and we checked out at the counter where Ethan charmed the cashier and Matthew sat patiently in his stroller singing a little ditty to himself while I paid for our things.  Or so I thought.  We walked out of the store and were about 10 feet down the sidewalk when Ethan innocently asked, "Does Matthew have candy?".  I had made the executive decision in CVS not to buy any candy, even though the Swedish Fish always taunt me, so no, Matthew did not have any candy.  Again, though: "Matthew has candy."  This is when I decided it would be best to stop sorting change, shuffling bags and actually look through the little plastic window in the top of the stroller and notice that Matthew had a nice little chocolate bar, halfway unwrapped, but as of yet uneaten.  Instantly mortified, I wondered how many people in that CVS just watched my son shoplift and wondered if I was letting him do it or if I was just an oblivious, scatter-brained mom.  I actually hoped, for the first time in my life, that people assumed I was the latter.

So we immediately turned around, went back up to the register and explained ourselves.  Well, I explained myself and Matthew threw a fit because I took his candy away.  The lady sort of chuckled as I got out a couple of dollars to pay for the chocolate.  That's when it happened:  the cashier said, "That'll be $3.52, please."

Three dollars and fifty-two cents for a candy bar.  I'm pretty sure my jaw actually physically dropped while I searched for a $5 to cover the damage.  You see, my son wasn't interested in just any candy bar.  No.  He selected the dark-chocolate, raspberry-filled Godiva chocolate bar.

At least no one can say that he has bad taste.  And lets just say that after paying that much for a candy bar, I wasn't too keen on sharing it with my little thief, cute though he may be.

Lazy Friday

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Love that Covers

Someone I only know through blogging land just wrote an excellent post on one of the many reasons marriage is worth it.  The post struck a chord with me as I read it and looked up at my two handsome boys sitting at the lunch table -- two boys who just about die of happiness every night when their dad comes home from work.  So I'm sharing it here!