Sunday, May 18, 2008

Enjoying the View

Enjoying the View
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Yesterday was so nice and warm here that we were actually able to wear shorts and t-shirts on the beach! We had a great day going on a short hike through the woods and down to the shore at Ft. Ebey State Park, and then we headed down to Langley for a yummy lunch overlooking the water. One of my favorite things to do here on a Saturday is just drive the island and find things to do as we go. Luckily my huband doesn't mind the aimless journeys and humors my requests to "turn here".

Ethan was not too sure about the sand. He could pick it up, but then he couldn't drop it. And Mama wouldn't let him eat any, either. Although I think he did manage to get some in his mouth surreptitiously. His least favorite by far, though, was when Mama dipped his toes into the waves lapping up at the beach. Doesn't she know that stuff is cold?!

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Kristen Borland said...

i love watching kids experience the beach/ocean for the first time!

Nehemiah does love sand--um, obsessed is a better word--and would eat a ton of it. it was an impossible job to keep him from eating it, and it was a full time job to keep him from eating too much of it (it isn't pleasant coming out the other end). he still (almost two years old) samples a handful every once in awhile and still enjoys dipping his food into sand before eating it. what's the opposite of a gourmet eater? i can't even imagine why he likes sand so much because i hate sand!