Friday, June 6, 2008

Knitting Help

Can one of you crafty peeps out there translate this knitting pattern for me? I understand all of it except what the numbers in parentheses mean.

K4 (border sts), *K1, YO, K6 (5, 4, 3), K2tog twice, K6 (5, 4, 3), YO* rep between * to last 5 sts, K1, K4 (border sts)


Kristen Borland said...

i would love to knit because i usually like knitting patterns better than crochet patterns, but it's just too dang hard getting my two hands to work at once!

i realize that's absolutely no help to you, but i wanted to leave a comment anyway!

Kristen Borland said...

OH, but now that i've looked at the pattern...

usually in crocheting, if you have the option of making something bigger, they put the adjustments in parenthesis. maybe that's what this pattern is saying? example, you have a pattern for a sweater for a baby, and there are 4 size options (let's say newborn, 6 months, 12 months, and 18 months). the pattern directions would be for newborn, and then in parenthesis they would have adjustments for the next three sizes. so it would say something like: Chain 24 (28, 32, 36). And if you wanted to make it fit a 12 month old, you would chain 32. does that make sense?

Kate said...

OK, Jodi. THis is going to be a long comment. Sorry. And as for the (5,4,3) I don't know what that means unless Kristen is right and it is for a different size adjustment. Otherwise heres the story...
YO=yarn over (which is to just loop your yarn over your needle once before knitting the next loop)
so... 1) knit 4 2) knit 1 3) yarn over 4) knit 6 5) knit 2 stiches together twice i.e. pick up two loops and do a regular knit stitch with them both as if it were just one loop you were picking that two times 6)knit 6 7) yarn over 8) now repeat steps 2 thru 7 until there are only 5 loops left on your needle 9)knit 1 10) knit 4
hope that helps. good luck. sounds like youre making a blanket? can't wait to see the finished product!

Jodi said...

thanks, ladies! i decided the numbers were just for different sized blankets. it was just that usually I see the numbers going up in size instead of down (if that makes sense) so I'm off and knitting!

Jen Smith said...

Hi Jodi,

Melanie told me to come to your blog and answer your knitting question. But I see others have already helped.

But I thought I'd still comment and let you know about ravelry if you don't already. is the website for knitting and crocheting. It's still in beta testing, but I the wait list is down to 3 days. So it's definitely worth signing up!

It is a fabulous tool for researching yarns, and patterns, and books, and techniques. They have a fantastic search-able database and many friendly folks to answer questions and figure out problems.