Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Girly Giveaway!

Remember awhile back I linked to The Fornightly Purse? Well, as luck would have it, I won!

Included in my winnings was a Skirty. This thing is ingenious. If I had girls, they would be wearing these cute little shorts under their dresses. As it happens, I have two boys, no dresses, and no need for cute little lacy shorts! So I'm giving this away!

The giveaway is for one Skirty, size small (the website says that is a 4-5). In order to enter, please leave me a comment and tell me about one family tradition you have started since having children. It doesn't have to be big or grandiose, just something you do together as a family.

The contest will end at the end of May, after I get back from an east coast house-hunting trip.

Good luck, and tell your friends!


Vicki said...

I'd love this little skirty for one of my girls :) We have a tradition that Momma decorates the dining room on the night before a child's birthday. There are always lots of streamers, their name in big letters, sometimes balloons, always a special table cloth and lots of special decorations. I usually have something unusual like donuts for breakfast (along with their eggs ;). The kids just love waking up to the room all decked out just for them and I think they will still like it even when they are 16! :)

Bethany said...

Sadly no girls here, but I do have a request. It looks like we'll be looking for a place to live in the same area, also in the next few months, and also trying to make a house hunting trip with 2 small boys so I would hugely appreciate any hits/tips/pointers/advice of how it is for you guys when you get back?

Ariana said...

I want to enter your giveaway!! :)
My Family Tradition:
Every Christmas, on the evening that we decorate our Christmas tree, we make homemade cookies and frosting, and have a cookie decorating party. Landen was old enough this last Christmas to help me roll the dough, cut out the cookies, and he got to decorate his own cookie with chocolate chips, sprinkles, and other candy tidbits.
When the kids get a little older, I plan on having all four of us spend the night in the living room next to the lit Christmas tree. We will sing Christmas carols, tell stories, and just spend quality time with one another.

Sharon said...

Oh! We want the skirty! When you first linked to the Fortnightly Purse, I saw the skirty, showed Sadie, and we decided she really needs one. She always wears dresses to play in, and she always ends up rolling around or upside down. Unfortunately, $16 is an awful lot to spend on a pair of underwear! We looked at Wal-Mart and Target, but alas... they have nothing resembling the skirty!

Anyway, a family tradition we started after Sadie was born... It's not very original- I think most Texans have this tradition! Each spring we go in search of a beautiful field of bluebonnets to take pictures in. I've put a pic from each year on a website, of course!

Samantha said...

We could sure use a Skirty or two around here!

Our newest tradition is Friday Family Fun Night. It includes a fun dinner of pizza or the like, dessert, and a family movie. My kids look forward to it all week! "Is it Friday today, Mama?"

Kristen said...

ooo, girlie things! pick me, pick me!!

one tradition is mike is going through a catechism book with the kids (modified and designed for their age group), so they sit down with daddy (and jelly bellies) and learn about God. they are doing so well, and they loooove this special time with daddy.

another tradition (since it's birthday season around there here parts) is to totally decorate for birthdays, even if there is not big party. to me, it's all about the happy decorations.

do i really have to tell me friends about the giveaway, or can i keep it a secret so i have a better chance of winning? :) so selfish, i know!

Kate said...

oooh! thanks jodi! Suzannah could sure use one of those.
our tradition centers around the dinner table, when travis is finally home from work. we start dinner off with a hymn while we all hold hands. currently we are singing "come thou fount". and then during dinner time we'll discuss our "hi-low's" which means we go around and tell what made us most happy and then what made us sad that day. sweet to hear what impacted the girls that day. it'll be fun when elizabeth can join in. :)