Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Connections Made


a) Sometimes Steve works the night shift so there is some shushing around here if he is asleep during the day.

b) Ethan has been getting a dime every time he does his jobs around the house (putting away the silverware, Tupperware and pots).

So onto today:

Ethan: :being loud:
Me: Ethan, that is too loud for inside.
Ethan: Shh, Dad's seeping.
Me: No, Dad's not sleeping it is just too loud.
Ethan: Dad's seeping.
Me: No, Dad's at work. Dad's doing his job.
Ethan: Dad gets dimes. Dad's getting dimes.
Me: ...


Kate & Summer said...

Smart boy! Has he spent any of his dimes yet (E, not S!)? Does he understand that you can swap them for things you want? I always wondered how early that understanding came, otherwise money isn't a great incentive to do stuff ('Huh? Why would I want this metal thing? You can't eat it and it's not much fun to play with....)


Jodi said...

Kate -- right now he is just happy to get one and put it in his jar. Then he is super excited on Sunday when he takes one out of his jar, puts it in his pocket and then gets to put it in the offering.

It is funny, the things that make him tick!

Melissa Stramel said...

Hi Jodi. I'm sorry to reply this way but cannot find an e-mail address to reply to your Moda Bake Shop comment. I changed the handles to 14 inches but missed changing the interfacing length. Thanks for catching that for me! Yes, just make your interfacing 14 inches.