Friday, May 4, 2007

Perks of Pregnancy

So, now that I'm finally starting to show, I have found that people tend to be a bit nicer to me. Texas has fairly friendly people in general, but it seems they are now nice in a different way. It is hard to explain, but today was the first time I'd really experienced being treated differently because I'm pregnant. I went to a mini airshow up at Randolph Air Force Base. It was really more of a training event for navigator students, and the aircraft were parked so you could tour the insides of them -- sounds boring, but is fairly interesting for an Air Force nerd like me. :) At any rate, in every single airplane we toured, I was offered one of the crew seats while the people talked about their aircraft's mission and equipment. It was almost embarrassing, since everyone else had to stand in the plane all squished together. It was fairly hot here today, so I think most were relieved when I sat down because it meant they didn't have to catch me if I passed out. I honestly never felt like passing out, but I'll take what I can get.

Also, if it seems like I am posting an inordinate number of badly taken pictures of myself and "the belly", it is mostly for hubby who cannot be here to see the daily increase of my roundness. Also, if I'm ever blessed with another child, I probably won't have time to document my pregnancy as extensively as I do now.

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Allison Brown said...

I felt the same way--it's kinda nice to be treated with that extra respect! And don't worry about the belly pics, it's fun to watch it get bigger! Oh, and us 99'ers are doing well; I'm still in contact with most of the same girls. We're all kinda spread out and settling down. Karen is doing well. She's down in Los Angeles, getting ready to go back to school. And I think she might be getting engaged sometime this year!