Sunday, May 6, 2007

A Plug...

Since I know that at least a few of the people reading this blog are women in the same stage of life as I am, I wanted to encourage you all to check out the Femina blog I have linked over to the right. It is written by Nancy Wilson, wife of Doug Wilson who is pastor of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho. Doug Wilson has written many books; my favorite book on marriage is one of them. He is the owner of Blog and Mablog, which I also have linked.

His wife Nancy shares her wisdom of raising children, maintaining a household and doing it all with incredible grace and love of the Lord. I have only met her once very briefly, but reading her blogs really inspire me to make my house a joyful and beautiful place, all to God's glory. Her posts on Sabbath Living and domestic life have really spoken to me lately, being that I am transitioning very soon to taking on more of that role in my own home. I confess that working full time, while having its own benefits for the family, often seems to result in a house that is less taken care of than I like. I know that it will be an interesting transition for me (to say the least) but I can't wait to take on the challenge of being a full-time wife and mom!

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Travelling Midwife said...

hi Jodi! Thanks for posting on my blog and letting me know about your's! Congratulations on being pregnant! I loved reading your posts. My friend Karen on the team is pregnant too, and due mid-September, so I can relate to what you are experiencing through what i've seen her go through. Especially the getting comfortable at 3am thing! I'm excited to keep up with you a bit through this blog. Good work on not caving to find out the gender. I'm all about the surprise! When do you get to move up with Steve?
So happy for you both!
- margit