Friday, September 21, 2007

Can I Whine Just a Bit?

As I was reading on another blog, "40 weeks is a long time to wait for anything." Today is the first day that I've really felt down about not having the baby yet. I know I just passed 40 weeks and most first-time moms don't go into labor until after 41 weeks, but I'm getting so antsy about meeting this baby and not being pregnant anymore. I also think that there is so much anticipation on a daily basis that each day I don't go into labor is sort of a let down.

I also saw this picture this morning (I don't know who the blog belongs to, I got the link from someone else) and it about put me over the edge as far as wanting a baby to love on.

I am definitely thankful, though, that everything is still going smoothly. Except it seems that writing this post has given baby some hiccups.

I am also looking forward to tomorrow; Steve and I have planned to do some gardening -- planting bulbs that will (hopefully) show up next Spring. And, hey, I definitely won't still be pregnant next Spring. Right? RIGHT?!

ETA: I've reopened the poll, because I'm still pregnant, so I figure anyone else who wanders by should be able to vote until I actually have the baby. Plus, boy is winning and that doesn't bode well for me being able to buy pink, girly stuff when the time comes for knowing what to buy. And my niece may or may not have a meltdown if she gets another boy cousin (Hi Meagan! I've done my best to grow a girl for you, but no promises other than it will be a sweet, cuddly baby!!)


Samantha said...

I went 10 days late with my first pregnancy, but only 1 day late with my second. I shouldn't have convinced myself that this baby would be right on time. It has made the waiting more unbearable. I am 6 days overdue today and am starting to believe that she will NEVER come out. I know that the Lord is trying to teach me a lesson in patience, and I am trying to be content although failing miserably. Hang in there! Projects are a great idea to keep yourself busy!

Kristen Borland said...

okay, you two, it will happen! i check both your blogs constantly to find out! and yes, jodi, you can whine! you have every right!

Lindsay said...

That's my baby! LOL I had no idea that pic was floating around. Found your link through my site meter. He was born 9/2. You're little munchkin is gorgeous. Just wanted to say hi and congrats!