Thursday, November 29, 2007

Breaking News

This just in: My son is the cutest hat wearing boy EVER.

Other than hat wearing, not much is going on around here. We are having a guest for dinner tonight, so I've got some salmon marinating in the fridge and a pumpkin spice roll for desert. Yum!

In bummer news, I ordered a glider with ottoman from Target via Amazon and it arrived yesterday, but it was broken! And not just a little broken, the whole bottom part of the glider was basically shattered. I was really disappointed. You see, ever since the visit to my in-laws last month (where there are gliders and rockers all over the house) I have realized the importance of having a rocking chair when one has a new baby. Even in our tiny house, we are just going to make room because I've decided it really is an essential item. So we're sending this one back and hoping for another one to arrive intact soon!


Allison Brown said...

Very cute! I remember thinking Kaylin was just the cutest in beanies too! He is getting so big!

Kate said...

That last picture is darling!Will you ever come down here so we can meet him? And Steve too of course! :)