Wednesday, April 23, 2008


The Deputy Headmistress over at The Common Room (linked in my sidebar) has been blogging extensively about the recent events out in Texas with the FDLS raid. Her posts on the subject can be found here. Her latest post is an excellent summary of why we should be bothered about all of this, instead of thinking this is just happening to those crazy people that dress funny in that cult.

I am in no way in favor of polygamy or any sort of child abuse, but the way the state has handled this whole thing is really scary. It is scary to me as someone who plans to homeschool, use Biblical discipline and teach my children there is one truth in the world.

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Kristen Borland said...

this is so scarey and so sad. i'm going to check out the link. i've been hoping all along that the state would wise up and return the kids to their moms. the should investigate the men and separate them from the children, but i see no reason why the children shouldn't be with their moms.