Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Feel Like No One Is Listening

I'll just say it: Barack Obama voted against saving the life of infants that survive late-term abortion.

Let's say you're a liberal and you agree with his pro-choice position. You can stomach his support of late-term abortions because you feel that if they are banned it will cause a slippery slope and abortions may become illegal altogether. But how in the world can anyone vote for a man who is okay with a living baby being left to die in a janitor's closet as medical waste?

I'm sitting here watching the coverage of the democratic convention, where tens of thousands of people are applauding this man that supports infanticide. How does this happen? My heart hurts to think about it.

I know some conservatives have trouble casting their vote for John McCain. I have trouble casting my vote for John McCain, but darnit I will, because I can't stand the idea of Obama getting to appoint supreme court justices who support his position.


Kristen Borland said...

Totally sickening. I had not heard this, but I'm not surprised.

Yesterday I got a phone call, a political survey thing (and after awhile I could tell it was Republican based or at least conservative), and she asked whom I will be supporting in November, Obama or McCain. I said, "Oh that's a hard one to answer. I guess I have to say I support McCain only because I do NOT support Obama." She laughed and said she gets that comment all the time.

Personally, I think we should just throw in the towel (or rather the candidates) and start all over again. Anyone call for a "do over"?

It's going to be a long four years whoever wins, and hopefully it won't turn into a long EIGHT years!

Vicki said...

Good post Jodi. It is unthinkable what people do to our most precious helpless little babies. And to see a man so praised and applauded who has no objection to something so sick is hard. We just have to remember that he is lost and that without Jesus we are lost too. God weeps over those babies and it is only his great grace that keeps his wrath back, for now. Someday there will be justice for such evil. And I hope that we won't see a man like Obama as the leader of our country!

DyessFam said...

You go girl! I've seriously wondered if there isn't a way that we can all get together and pick a great candidate and just write him in instead of having to pick what the "parties" tell us is our choice. I at least like McCain's choice for vice president. Yeah, she has mess in her life, but she seems to be super open and honest about stuff as far as I can tell from researching her and she cleans house when she gets into office. May that hopefully happen in November!!! By the way, I'm gonna work on my cloth diaper collection between now and the next kiddo popping out in the hopes that we will be living in a house and have a washer and dryer between now and then. Oh, the dreams I have!!!:) By the way, CONGRATULATIONS!!!