Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Reunited Again!

Well, I'm behind on posting (what else is new?), but my wonderful husband is home from his far off travels and our family is together again! Not 48 hours after his return to Washington, we were on our way to California for my friend Melanie's wedding, which is where the above picture was taken. It was so beautiful and such a nice time for the three of us to reconnect as a family! As a bonus my mom came along to nanny for Ethan while I did all the girly bridesmaid/wedding things. Melanie was a gorgeous bride and I'm so happy for her and her new hubby! Newlyweds make my heart happy!

Ethan also got a haircut while we were in California, and not a moment too soon. I love his long hair and curls, but he is such a little man now! I cried a little when his dad brought him back from the barber.

The pregnancy is going well! I'm almost halfway and still feeling pretty small. I'm enjoying feeling small while I can though, because I know in a couple months I will feel anything BUT small. I've been feeling the baby move for a little over a week now, so that is nice. It's just reassuring to get a little thump now and again so that I know all is still good in there. Our "big" ultrasound is on the 28th and all indications are that we will be finding out the flavor this time around. That decision, however, is completely up to my dear husband. I will keep everyone updated!

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