Monday, February 17, 2014

Sick Days

We have had a pretty good, solid 365 days of health up until this month, which I have now dubbed Fever February.  We haven't been to church as a family in three weeks, which is really unusual, and Ethan had to miss days of school.  We either caught two waves of bugs, or we got a covert bug that masked itself as a cold and recovering cold, and then burst forth a few days later as the fever of all fevers.  It's a really good strategy for a germ because just when I thought it was safe to take the baby out and have people over my kids got sicker and probably spread everything all around.

Silas got it so bad last weekend I took him to the ER when his fever spiked and he started acting funny.  I tried to cool him down by wiping him with a baby wipe and that only made the wipe hot.  I've never felt a little body so hot before and seeing the look in his eyes when it happened made it even scarier.  Of course by the time we got the the hospital he was a balmy 102.8 and decreasing.

Silas climbing up to see if he could make sick big bro feel better
All I know is I'm ready for Spring and fresh air and less mucous all around.

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