Sunday, August 26, 2007


I was in a baking mood the other day and made these:

They are plain white cake, with a non-crusting butter cream icing. The icing was really tasty, but really hard to work with. Part of the reason I made the cupcakes was to practice using my decorating tips. A crusting buttercream, made with part shortening instead of all butter, would have been easier to work with (i.e. wouldn't start melting in the bag because my hands are warm!), but just doesn't taste as good, in my opinion. So, I decorated about 5 cupcake and then just used my spatula to ice the rest. Since I can't have 15+ cupcakes sitting around the house to gorge myself on, I sent this batch to work with Steve. He said everyone liked them, and the tray came back empty, so I felt pretty good about how they turned out overall.


Kristen Borland said...

for a while, only two people thought you were going to have a boy (me and mike!). so i'm glad to see some one else joined the ranks. what's with all these people thinking it's going to be a girl???

Jodi said...

I'm not sure, except for the fact that my neice (who has 2 brothers and two boy cousins) is probably going to go crazy if I don't have a girl. And all of my friends who are pregnant right now and know what they are having are having it seems that I need to have a girl to balance everything out.

I am definitely getting excited to find out!!