Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Homeschooling Ruling

I've been wanting to blog about the recent homeschooling brouhaha in California, but so many others have said it better than I ever could. There is a lot of good stuff here and especially here. If you listen to the NPR interview from the second link, the teacher's union representative actually says (referring to the credentialing of educators), "It's not about intelligence, it's about training." That, my friends, is the most telling statement I have ever heard about public education. I'd really encourage all of you Californians to write your state legislatures about this. The Homeschool Legal Defense Association is also a great place for information. I have to admit that I feel a wee bit scared of what will happen by the time Ethan is school-aged. And, I find it ironic that someone would allow me to send my son to a public school no questions asked, but they would require me to prove that I am worthy as his parent to educate him at home, when I know my educational and ethical standards are far above any of the public schools that I attended.

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