Monday, July 30, 2007

It looks as if I haven't updated my blog in almost 2 weeks! That's what happens when I get my husband back after 7 months, I suppose.

We have been having a blast being together again and hanging out. We made it down to Ikea in Seattle last week and got bookshelves for our books and desks for our computers (yes, we have two...but one is older and mainly used for surfing and email). Steve spends a lot of time on the newer one for his new photography hobby. Speaking of which, he has started a photoblog here. His writings are much wittier than mine and his photos are turning out to be beautiful.

We attended our first Bradley Method Childbirth Class last week. I know that Steve was skeptical at first about going to a class, but he humored me and I think we both really enjoyed the first one. I would like to have an unmedicated birth, which can be a bit of a challenge in a hospital environment, and these classes are specifically designed with that in mind. It is also designed to prepare the husband to be the primary coach and support for his wife and educate him on how to help his wife on how to get through labor without drugs, and how to deal with hospital staff, etc, etc. Even if God has other plans for my birth, I think I'm really going to enjoy this time with my husband spent preparing for labor.

In other baby news, I unpacked and washed most all of the clothes I got from my shower back in May and put them away. I have a little dresser full of little baby things!

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