Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Stone Update

So, first things first, having my husband back is the best thing EVAR!
After yesterday's excitement I am feeling alright today. The OB said that the shot they gave me for pain last night would last 24 hours, and it pretty much did. I didn't have a flare up all day, but felt generally drowsy and weird from the shot. I haven't needed to take a vicodin yet, and the less I take of that, the better as far as the baby is concerned. I can still feel a slight aching in my back where the stone is and I am praying that it stays slight.

Tomorrow I will have the ultrasound to try and see the stone (I am hoping they will let us have a peek at the baby, since Steve hasn't seen an ultrasound yet).

I was feeling well enough that Steve was able to get me outside and practice some of his photography skills.
30-ish weeks:


Allison Brown said...

Glad things are a bit better. Hope it stays that way. Sorry that you have to deal with this. :( Cute pictures!

Kate said...

okay, cute pictures! I love the one of you on the right...made me smile. you are one cute pregnant mama! we'll keep praying for you.